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DNA for Business and Home Property


DataDot USA’s unique products and services for marking business and Home property are offered as Promotional, Channel Partner or Internal Theft Control programs. TheftSMART Enterprises offers these Programs to assist their partners in improving their financial performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Promotional programs are specially designed to meet the needs of an individual partner or a particular need in a specific market. TheftSMART Enterprises will assist each partner in developing it’s own Program or will deliver a Turnkey program that can be integrated into a partner’s business or marketing strategy. This Program allows the program partner to provide DataDot USA’s unique protection products and services to their valued customers as an add-on to the partner’s products.

Channel Partner programs can be customized as well with minimal support from theftSMART Enterprises or DataDot USA. These Programs allow a partner to offer the protection of DataDot USA’s unique protection products and services to their customers at no expense to the partner while increasing the value of the customer’s product while enhancing the partner’s customer service.

Internal Theft Control programs are designed to assist Risk Managers with monitoring company property, inventory control and combating internal theft. These Programs can be customized by theftSMART Enterprises to fit any product type, environment or particular circumstance.

To learn more about theftSMART Enterprises’ business and home property marking Programs click here to contact our Property Protection Specialist.