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Vehicle theft in the United States has continued to rise after unprecedented decreases for 12 consecutive years. After years of technological advances by Auto Manufacturers and After-Market security system developers, amateur thieves have been virtually stopped in their tracks. However based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), since the year 2000 there have been more than 1.2 million vehicles stolen per year at an estimated cost of approximately $8 billion per year. These increases are attributed to professional thieves who have sharpened their skills and have found ways around many of these technologies.

To counter professional thieves, DataDot USA has developed revolutionary technology that will take most, if not all the profit out of professional vehicle theft. Once the DataDot USA vehicle marking system is applied to a vehicle or boat by a spray-on process, it is virtually impossible to locate and remove all of the ten thousand unique PIN codes or VINs. Thus a thief cannot resale, not even on the black market, the vehicle, boat or their component parts without finding and removing all ten thousand PINs or VINs.

DataDot USA’s unique products and services for marking vehicles and boats are available for a variety of applications and/or theft specific Programs. TheftSMART Enterprises offers Channel Partner, Promotional or Theft Specific Programs for application of the DataDot USA vehicle and boat marking system.

Each Promotional program is specially designed to meet the needs of an individual partner or a particular need in a specific market. TheftSMART Enterprises will assist each Partner in developing it’s own Program or will deliver a Turnkey program that can be integrated into a Partner’s business or marketing strategy. This Program allows the partner to provide DataDot USA’s unique vehicle and boat protection products and services to their valued customers as an add on to their vehicle or boat.

Channel Partner programs can be customized as well with minimal support from theftSMART Enterprises or DataDot USA. These Programs allow the Partner to offer the protection of DataDot USA’s unique vehicle and boat marking products and services to their customers at no additional expense to the Partner while enhancing the value of their customers’ vehicles or boats while improving customer satisfaction.

Theft Specific programs can be developed as either a Channel Partnership or a Promotional Program. However, these programs are designed to address a Partner’s specific problem such as interior, radio, airbag, outboard or some other specific theft issue unique to the vehicles or boats they are offering their customers.

To learn more about theftSMART Enterprises’ vehicle marking programs click here to contact our Vehicle Protection Specialist.